[ubuntu-uk] HELP-How to formatting my notebook and install Ubuntu

rizzuwan wahid rizzuwan at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 04:55:34 GMT 2009

To whom it may concern,

First of all i like to thanks you for sending me a copy of Ubuntu CD.
love to install the Ubuntu into my notebook as my OS, but the problem
is I'm new in this field, I never formatting my notebook before, or
install new OS into my notebook, I'm still using my OS from the day i
bought the notebook about a year and half ago, that was install by the dealer maybe.

So the problems are:
1. How i want to install my notebook with this Ubuntu.?
2. What another driver that i must have for formatting my notebook.?
3  What the first step that I've to do until my notebook can operate perfectly with Ubuntu?
4. Do i still must use at install my chipset, audio, network, and other utilities drivers after i install Ubuntu?
    because from what I've known that all the driver that provided was used with Vista or XP OS..

and I'm using HP Compaq Presario V3658TU with p/n GZ376PA#UUF, 

Thanks for your cooperation and please guide me, and sorry for the inconveniences.


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