[ubuntu-uk] A thank you and a quiery....Re: A thank you and a quiery....

Thomas Ibbotson thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 13:13:17 GMT 2009

John wrote:
> Hi everybody, you have been so helpful, I really appreciate it, but its 
> not working. The Lightning 0.9 wont work on my machine for some reason. 
> I wonder if its the version I am using. Which version is the best?  I 
> have everything everybody has suggested, and nothing.  One thing that 
> doesnt appear is the log in box for google. Plus I still get that 
> message with Google Provider saying there is something missing. I am 
> going to have another try tomorrow,  I just dont know what else I can do.
> John
Hi John,

Your initial email got me interested in Lightning, which I didn't know 
about, and I have since installed it along with Google provider on my 
laptop and desktop, so thanks for introducing it to me! I also had the 
problem that when I installed lightning from the repositories google 
provider would not work. It turned out that the version in the 
repositories was lightning 0.8 and not 0.9 which google provider 
requires. So I had to uninstall that version and get the latest version 
of lightning from the Mozilla add-on page. Once I did that I was able to 
use google provider.

I am not sure from your email what problems you are having exactly. You 
say that lightning 0.9 does not work, but I get the impression that it 
might just be Google Provider that isn't working as you say: "One thing 
that doesn't appear is the log in box for google." Do you mean by this 
that when you try to add a new calendar you don't get the "Google 
Calendar" option in the "Format:" field of the "Create New Calender" 
dialog? Could you be more specific about what exactly isn't working? For 
example do you get the calendar and task views, or does nothing at all 
happen when you install Lightning?


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