[ubuntu-uk] Installing Orange wireless dongle on Ubuntu 8.10

Andrew Williams andy at tensixtyone.com
Sun Feb 15 14:58:28 GMT 2009

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 12:46:43AM +0000, John wrote:
> I wanted to try get Orange Wireless on here, as I have Orange with my 
> mobile. I went into the shop, and they allowed me to try installing the 
> dongle with one of their SIM cards, and the dongle.
> Well, I was in there for about an hour, and it just wasnt having it. It 
> would install the drivers, it kept on saying it couldnt find them, and 
> it couldnt find the dongle either, even though, when I looked could see 
> the files for the dongle. I even searched on the net, and found a few 
> places that tried to explain how to install, and with the guy in there, 
> we tried, but still we couldnt install the drivers.
> Has anybody any experience with these dongles, I would really like to 
> get one.

What model dongle is it? If it's a Huewai it'll either work or you have to use the likes of usb_modeswitch to get the dongle into the right mode to show the 
usb serial port. It should have the model number printed on the back.

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