[ubuntu-uk] Custom Ubuntu for a USB key

Michael G Fletcher michael at ilovemylinux.com
Sun Feb 15 12:33:55 GMT 2009

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 10:22 PM, Simon Wears <munkyjunky at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Ever since 8.10 was released, I've carried with me a copy of Intrepid on my
> 1Gb USB key, since it's bundled along with my flat keys. I was wondering
> about making the install a little more customised - at the moment it's just
> the standard live CD on a USB, but I'd like to make something that may load
> a little quicker, and has only the applications I need on - which is just
> about firefox, pidgin, gedit and maybe VLC at a push.
> How would I go about doing this? My current best guess is one of those
> remastering-type of applications, for respinning a LiveCD. That terminology
> is probably not the best possible to use, but I hope you get the gist of
> what I mean. I'm thinking about maybe making it a peristant install, so I
> can save files too (or a least some settings for pidgin and firefox).
> It's mainly so I can borrow peoples laptops/desktops, without having to have
> them load me onto their desktop. Just boot from USB and have a portable
> desktop with me where ever I am.
> Cheers,
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> Simon Wears
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Hi Simon, I'm taking a wild guess here, but it might work.

If you create the live-usb using the function in 8.10 (System ->
Administration -> Create a USB startup disk) it supplies the option to
store documents and settings on the USB disk when shutting it down.
Use the slider to choose how much space to allocate.  It may then be
possible to boot from the USB and add / remove programs and it will
"remember that".

I would think that the advantage is that in the 'live' version you
will get much better hardware support if you are plugging it in to
various machine.  With a persistent install I would imagine that
hardware will cause some grief every time you use a different machine.

I might give this a test today quickly :-) HTH


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