[ubuntu-uk] A thank you and a quiery....

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 12:51:28 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 12:23 +0000, John wrote:
> Hi, thank you for the quick reply. I have that in front of me now, and
> it says No matching Application Available.
> That's what I have been getting. :(
> John

Hi John,

A quick video to make sure you have the Universe repository enabled.
Ignore all the junk on my Desktop, I don't have a vanilla install to do
this on! There's also an alarming looking message on that video that
shouldn't appear for you, so ignore it!


No sound either, sorry!

Hope that helps,

-Matt Daubney

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