[ubuntu-uk] February 13th timestamp

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Fri Feb 13 11:06:18 GMT 2009

Quoting Iain Lane <laney at ubuntu.com>:

> On 13 Feb 2009, at 10:54, Tony Arnold wrote:
>> Since most viruses run on Windows, I would think the Unix time is
>> irrelevant!
> Or maybe this is a fallacy; we just don't know how infected we all
> are. Until tonight...

LOL, how appropriate that this was sig'ed:

> This message has been checked for viruses but the contents of an attachment
> may still contain software viruses, which could damage your computer system:
> you are advised to perform your own checks. Email communications with the
> University of Nottingham may be monitored as permitted by UK legislation.

I think they missed "until tonight, when you or any systems that have  
read and received or processed this email will die.  Horribly.  In the  
kind of freak accident that involves ice-picks, hamsters and a visit  
from the local health and safety officer...MWUHHAAAHAHAHAHAHA"

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk

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