[ubuntu-uk] Rolling back Updates

Chris Weaver chris at resonancefm.com
Thu Feb 12 12:31:50 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I'm working through the rather painful process of moving our radio
stations (Resonance104.4FM) computers from XP to Ubuntu Intrepid. I
won't bore you with multiple problems I'm facing, mainly through Linux
ignorance and a little bit of Ubuntu crazyness, but I wondered two

1) Is it possible to roll back an update? I broke a perfectly
functioning machine but allowing it to update (the kernal is now
xxxxxx-23) and now no sound.

2) Does any one have experience with the paid for support offered by
Canonical? Is it worth the cost?

kind regards,

Chris Weaver

P.S Anyone a member of the London LUG?

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