[ubuntu-uk] Lift to Brum Bug Jam?

Josh Holland jshholland at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 11 16:56:38 GMT 2009

Dear fellow Ubuntuers,
I may well be coming to the Bug Jam in Sutton Coldfield (which AFAIC
is *not* Birmingham), but a few matters remain to be sorted.

The main one is that I am only 16 and therefore can't drive to Sutton
Coldfield. I have looked into public transport, and don't mind getting
the train from my home in Worcester to Birmingham, but it would be
nice to avoid getting the bus from the station in Birmingham. Here is
where I prevail upon your good nature. Hopefully there is someone
going to the Bug Jam whose route will take them near New Street (I
think) and can provide me with vehicular assistance to and from said

I may well still come even if no-one can give me a lift, but obviously
a fellow geek's car is infinitely preferable to Birmingham's bus

Thanks in advance,

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