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Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Tue Feb 10 19:00:29 GMT 2009

Quoting daveg at boavon.plus.com:

> I have been a member of this list for 2 days.  I have aslo subscribed to
> my local linux list from the same source.
> I am learning UBUNTU and LINUX. Almost 20 years ago I was a UNIX Systems
> Administrator for about 2 years before embarkng on a database programming
> career.
> At a risk of being flamed, and with the greatest of respects, I am
> disspointed by the sheer number of posts which are only distantly
> connnected to UBUNTU.  In the same timeframe I have had no linux posts.
> I know e-mail lists can be a little unruly at times and it is so easy to
> wander off topic.  In my view there is a risk that members will be
> alienated by the non-UBUNTU matters.
> I'm glad I went for the daily digest - although am dissapointed that I get
> 4 or 5 digests per day.
> DaveG

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the list.

I think it's fair to say that the last five days have been unusual for  
Ubuntu-UK there is usually a lot more ubuntu-focused content on the  
list, it just so happens that the last few days have been spent  
discussing LUGs and Computer fairs.

I'd recommend hanging on to your subscription as there are some real  
experts on this list and it is definitely worth asking any questions  
that you have because you'll almost certainly get a solution!

Out of interest, which LUG are you a member of?

Kind regards,

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk

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