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Samuel Toogood sam_toogood at athsoc.org.uk
Tue Feb 10 17:04:58 GMT 2009

Simon Wears wrote
> My mum is a home care NHS nurse, and when I was talking to her about her 
work computers a while back, she told me they use a mixture of systems. I 
know they use MS computers for things such as creating documents, but they 
also use something else (I think a specialist *nix system of some kind) to 
store patient records and other medical notes on, for security reasons.
> 2009/2/10 Alan Pope <alan at popey.com>
> 2009/2/10 Matt Jones <matt at mattjones.me.uk>:
> > Please can we refer to Microsoft by the proper name, it looks childish
> > and goes against the image that is needed to win these  contracts that
> > are viewed as important use cases.
> >
> +1
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As someone who has worked in hospital IT and is married to a doctor, I can 
tell you that NHS software varies hugely from hospital to hospital. Much of 
the specialist software where I worked was in the form of badly written 
java apps which all required differently old versions of the JVM. Getting 
them to co-exist on the same machine was a nightmare at times!


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