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Rob Beard wrote:
> On 10/02/2009 12:07, alan c wrote:
>> Matt Jones wrote:
>>> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 8:06 PM, Paul Sutton<zleap at zleap.net>  wrote:
>> [...]
>>> http://infopointproject.org/wordpress/
>>> Looks to be a little dead now,  but was exactly what you described, I
>>> think it was started by Jono and some of the other lugradio guys.
>>> Matt.
>> I use Infopoint as a branding when negotiating with British Computer
>> Fairs for my Bracknell events.
>> Jono made contact with BCF a long time ago and I believe they agreed
>> in principle that if a table was not booked by the time the event was
>> scheduled, then Infopoint could negotiate specially favourable terms
>> for that table. I will resist stating more detail in public. I
>> belatedly rekindled th econtact with BCF for Bracknell
>> Infopoint is a very useful site and brand. I trust it will continue. I
>> am a continuing user of the brand name but do not have much time to
>> keep my own information there up to date.
> Interesting, so do you have a banner or something that says Infopoint?

The most important part of the Infopoint branding is in my 
relationship with British Computer Fairs, not with the 'customers'.

Tux is also significant. An A4 size dayglo tux drawing held with 
brightly coloured large plastic clothes pegs onto a bamboo beanstick 
all supported out of an old 100 size cylindrical CD case - indicative 
of the fun and joy part of FOSS, also a number of 'INFOPOINT' signs 
along the table edge, with explanation of the project.

Significantly, over the last year, the environment has changed from 
when people asked  ' what is this?'  They now ask 'How do I use it?' 
They now *know* what Linux is, There has been press coverage etc. It 
is not exactly a flood, but maybe the dam is cracked and there are 
steady trickles from the Windows defences.

> Am I right in thinking that anyone who may go to the Infopoint without 
> not knowing what it is would just think it's an information desk rather 
> than to do with Free Software?

My table/s look just like all the other tables of traders, except I 
have  a lot of leaflets and Tux stuff, and content of display notices 
such as
'Try the Free Alternative to Windows!'

The problem with Linux and Foss is that it is too good to be true. 
People do not believe it! That is where my actual presence is useful. 
My honest face is a testament to the quality of this suspicious free 

>> My (special) arrangement with BCF is basically that I am not
>> 'trading'. That is, any money (or donations) that are collected are
>> demonstrably covering material cost on a non profit basis. The cost of
>> a table to a trader is around 35 pounds. Since BCF do not have any
>> motivation towards charity, they are a business after all, there is no
>> formal way of consolidating the special arrangement. I think BCF are
>> reasonably  happy with the arrangement. I obviously attract paying
>> people through the gate. On some occasions there is a small queue of
>> people waiting to talk to me (!) I attend very regularly, and inform
>> BCF if I cannot get to any particular event.
>> All leaflets, information sheets etc are free, CDs tend to be one
>> pound each, with flexibility. I do give CDs for free although tact is
>> needed because it is a retail environment and the customers feel
>> uncomfortable if they do not give payment. Funny old world?
>> One person only had 50p left in the pocket which was ok, another came
>> along and said 'a pound? It is free software!' I said, yes, and if you
>> want it free I will give it to you for nothing - here -  although I
>> ask for a pound donation is that is? I would have given it free,
>> although he happily then gave a pound.
> That sounds fair, £1 should in theory cover any costs for decent CD 
> media, labels, sleves or cases and duplication.  I hardly see you making 
> much of a profit when charging £1 a disc :-)
>> The most poplar leaflet in the last event (Sunday 8th feb '09) was
>> entitled 'A tale of two experiences - or why I dont use Windows' a
>> slightly edited version, with attribution, of the blog
>> http://linuxcanuck.wordpress.com/2008/06/03/a-tale-of-two-experiences-or-why-i-dont-use-windows/
>> BTW
>>    I find that actual CDs of Opendisc or The OPen Education Disc are
>> not absolutely necessary - an A4 sheet with contents details and some
>> links and explanation gets taken a lot too. I use the Title
>> '39 Quality Programs for Windows!' (in very large type)
> Hmmm, I guess if they're doing to take a leaflet away, downloading a CD 
> ISO isn't too much hassle if you have quick enough broadband.

Yes Windows users are quite used to downloading programs. But not so 
much for iso downloading and burning CD images. However the open disc 
and open education disc  sites allow downloading of the individual 
applications. It is not essential to use the iso download.
Anyway, on the reverse of the leaflet I have a page of software 
freedom day and human rights freedoms etc which might get looked at I 
alan cocks
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