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mike daniels mikezz1011 at yahoo.com
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Yes Rob, but if any contact problems, let me know and I'll try to sort it out. I will not try to write what might be seen to be advertising, but computer use in radio varies from log-keeping to signal processing with many "in-betweens"!
My latest transceiver is microprocessor controlled, and much smaller than the offerings of "yesterday"
Radio Rallys are usually arranged by local clubs so table-cost is less than companies charge and non-profit groups are always considered.
Jusk ask, get some Linux users together to help at a rally and help to spread the message. There must be Amateur Radio Linux user out there, please call in and tell us your ideas.

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> > Amateur Radio rallies are arranged throughout the uk,
> often advertised as Radio and Computer Rally. Computers are
> used in Amateur Radio, would be nice to see applications
> written for Linux and not just microslow.
> > The RSGB has a list of rally dates and locations,
> please tell me if you have problems finding information.
> Michael.
> >    
> Would this be the right place to look?  - 
> http://www.rsgb.org/events/index.php
> I see there is a Dartmoor Radio Rally in Tavistock in May,
> not sure if 
> they would have any computer bits.
> Rob
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