[ubuntu-uk] Dual boot on Macbook problems

doug livesey biot023 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 10:32:35 GMT 2009

Hi -- I tried last night to install Ubuntu on an external FW drive on my
Macbook.It wouldn't reboot from the external drive, and managed to kill the
install on my main HD -- hopefully the drive itself is ok, but I'm not sure
(I can see it in the restore list).
I tried restoring from TimeMachine to my internal drive, but that didn't
work, so I ended up restoring OSX to the external drive, and am currently
booting from that.
What I'm hoping to do now, then, is to install Ubuntu on the internal HD, as
I want to use it as my main dev environment anyway, so that could all have
worked out in the end, if my internal HD is ok.
I thought, however, I'd ask the expert collective about any potential
gotchas before trying this -- there appear to be a few to ubuntu on a mac
that I was not previously aware of! ;)
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