[ubuntu-uk] computer fairs

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Mon Feb 9 21:19:58 GMT 2009

2009/2/9 Matt Jones <matt at mattjones.me.uk>:
> http://infopointproject.org/wordpress/
> Looks to be a little dead now,  but was exactly what you described, I
> think it was started by Jono and some of the other lugradio guys.

It was indeed kicked off by Jono. It has passed around a few people.
SussexLUG did a few computer fairs, we (HantsLUG) also did some a few
years ago.  I believe Tony Whitmore (Ubuntu UK Podcast & HantsLUG
ex-Chairman) is hosting the site, but I believe there has been little
activity of late. The mailing list has been quiet, for sure.

The good news is that one of our very own - Alan Cocks is doing great
work in Bracknell, Berkshire. He's probably run more stands at
computer fairs than any of the other teams put together!

If you want to know anything about running stands at computer fairs,
he's your man! :)


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