[ubuntu-uk] Help get Windows out of schools (UK Marketing!)

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Feb 9 19:53:58 GMT 2009

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> I just wish there were computer fairs down here in Devon, there used to 
> be one a few years back but nothing like that now, the nearest thing is 
> a car boot sale.  I wonder actually if we'd be able to give away Ubuntu 
> CDs at car boot sales without trading standards thinking we were giving 
> away pirate software? (they don'#t seem to do much about the pirate DVD 
> sellers at least).

Yes, my 3 page flyer,  well 3 separate flyers stapled together,  if you
gave people one of these with the cd; it would show that the cd is fully
legal and you are not breaking the law by giving copies away.

There HAS to be a way of getting some sort of computer fair back in devon,

Perhaps we can construct a letter to one of the big computer mags (pcw
for example) and ask for some,  or simply contact a few organsisers and
ask em to bring a fair down,


>> It will take at least another 10 years before that particular lad gets 
>> close to a position of influence in an organisation, perhaps 15 years.
>> *That* is the time scale of change, and much longer if it is not 
>> driven hard by focussed, determined people.
> Well hopefully he'll get a good start with FLOSS, he may even be able to 
> encourage his friends to switch too.  The experience I had when I was at 
> school and college is that there were a few of us who used to really be 
> into computers in a geeky way (more than playing games) and we'd share 
> PD and shareware stuff, I guess this still happens so if they're sharing 
> FLOSS software then that has to be good.
>> *Now* is a good time to start!
> Yep, although I guess we may not make so much of a dent against 
> Microsoft and Windows 7, we might be able to target some of the possible 
> upgraders.
> Rob

Good point,


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