[ubuntu-uk] Help get Windows out of schools

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Mon Feb 9 17:31:58 GMT 2009

LeeGroups wrote:
>> Aparently primnary schools are forced to use MS office so the children
>> are ready for what is used in Secondary schools which is I guess a fair
>> argument i guess.  And i guess secondaries feel obliged to use MS office
>> as they see it as "industry standard."
> There used to be a saying in the computer industry which was "Nobody 
> ever got fired for buying IBM".
> I think it's shifted to Microsoft. Speaking from experience, most school 
> "IT department heads" don't know that much about IT.
> They perceive it as a 'safe' option to go with MS, every if it costs a 
> fortune, because "everyone else uses it".
> It's a classic circular argument...

 From the point of view of some, even careers are at stake....

I talk to my local Adult Education Centre contact, and it is obvious 
to me that the person has trained on MS office stuff in detail, is all 
set up for it, and delivers free MS 'advertising' by running courses 
on MS products from that moment on for ever.

When I mention Open Office to them I notice that one factor is that 
they do not use it personally (at home), nor know anything in detail. 
Life is busy, and they would need a strong motive to look at OO.

There is a momentum surrounding their courses too - If their customers 
were not marketed OO clearly and well, then the Learning Centre would 
get no customers for non MS courses. Customers expectations, 
influenced by the marketing and the retail environment, are waiting to 
be changed......

Marketing of the Free 'Alternative to Windows' is required at all 
levels to deflect the gravy train slightly away from MS,
alan cocks
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