[ubuntu-uk] Help get Windows out of schools

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 16:33:07 GMT 2009

Philip Stubbs wrote:
> I don't think I will sign. Simply, I don't think that schools should
> teach how to use MS Office or OpenOffice. What they should teach is
> how to use a spreadsheet and a word processor. A selection should then
> be made available and the students allowed to get a feel for different
> methods. This will encourage them to realise that there is more than
> one way to do it.
I agree with this, when I was at school they taught us how to do 
Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets and Databases on a mixture of different 
applications depending what computers we used (be it a BBC Micro, RM 
Nimbus or an Amstrad PC1512).
> The bottom line is, I don't like OpenOffice being locked out and would
> rather see schools use it alongside other alternatives including MS
> Office and even LaTeX.
I can see the point of this, giving the kids a variety of software to 
use, but on the other hand how much of the school budgets which are 
spent on Microsoft licences could be put to much better use for instance 
spending the money on books or sports equipment?


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