[ubuntu-uk] Help get Windows out of schools

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Feb 9 13:05:50 GMT 2009

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Good point,  so perhaps we should lobby the AQA to use open standards.


Harry Rickards wrote:
> Even if school's don't solely use Windows, they usually have to use it as
> the main OS, as the AQA exam software only works with Windows, not under
> Wine; and the SIMS software uses MS Word to view files, which cannot be
> changed to OpenOffice even on Windows as it's hardcoded into the XML file.
> On Mon, 09 Feb 2009 12:01:31 +0000, LeeGroups <mailgroups at varga.co.uk>
> wrote:
>>> Aparently primnary schools are forced to use MS office so the children
>>> are ready for what is used in Secondary schools which is I guess a fair
>>> argument i guess.  And i guess secondaries feel obliged to use MS office
>>> as they see it as "industry standard."
>> There used to be a saying in the computer industry which was "Nobody 
>> ever got fired for buying IBM".
>> I think it's shifted to Microsoft. Speaking from experience, most school 
>> "IT department heads" don't know that much about IT.
>> They perceive it as a 'safe' option to go with MS, every if it costs a 
>> fortune, because "everyone else uses it".
>> It's a classic circular argument...
>> Lee

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