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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Feb 9 11:26:35 GMT 2009

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Aparently primnary schools are forced to use MS office so the children
are ready for what is used in Secondary schools which is I guess a fair
argument i guess.  And i guess secondaries feel obliged to use MS office
as they see it as "industry standard."

However looking at what happen at the exwick community centre where they
children/ Young people and adults there seemed to have little problem
finding their way around ubuntu (which looks a lot different to
windows),  it proves that the children would have no problems going from
say open office to Ms office in the secondary school,  ( I am only going
from what has been said in the e-mails since)

I am not an expert, but it seems no matter what justification people try
and use for using Windows, there is a way round it,  Kids / young people
can simply adapt,  I am 33 and having used KDE for years,  installed
ubuntu (using gnome) had no problem with it,  ok it take a while to find
what I need, but I have 3 menus, applications, places, adn system, so
its pretty obvious what each one is for,

When we have more write ups, we should have more observations and
evidence to back the above up,


David King wrote:
> The other way to get windows out of schools is to remove the glass and 
> replace with bricks  :-)
> David King
> Vinothan Shankar wrote:
>> I've created a petition to the Prime Minister to make the primary OS in
>> schools free and open source - it can be found at
>> http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/nonMSschools.  To anyone that points
>> out I should have suggested Ubuntu for Education, the first submission
>> did, but was rejected on the grounds that it was "promoting commercial
>> products or services".  The petition should probably also have pointed
>> out that schools could keep the same hardware, but petitions there are
>> restricted to 1000 characters including spaces.
>> Please sign.

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