[ubuntu-uk] Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4?

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Fri Feb 6 18:38:41 GMT 2009

An interesting video. Of course I expect we would all spot the KDE icon 
on the taskbar without being tricked into thinking it was Windows 7. But 
what it shows is that what people really want is an OS that works, is 
easy to use and does what they want. They really do not care who makes 
it or what it is called, except that most people probably still perceive 
that they need something called "Windows" on their computer because they 
believe there is no other choice.

I have used the Windows 7 beta, as a virtual machine, and I have also 
used Vista on a friend's laptop. Windows 7 is a big improvement over 
Vista, but I still prefer using any Linux over Windows 7, as it is the 
easiest to use. I have also briefly used Mac OS X in an Apple shop, and 
still think Linux is the easiest. I suppose if people really did have a 
choice when buying a PC, they are still going to go for
1. Whatever comes with the PC so long as it works
2. Or, if they know what they are doing, go for the OS that does what 
they want, including running the software they want to use or something 
that works with the hardware they have
3. Or the OS that is marketed most successfully to them.

Maybe what we really need is for PC vendors to offer a choice of various 
OSes to the end user, with demonstration models set up in the shop that 
people can try out. Of course the netbooks give users a taste of Linux, 
but the basic interfaces they use can make people think such an OS would 
not work on a proper PC.

If I had a computer shop or was running a branch of PC World, I would 
try to do that, and let each person try out each OS. Although Mac OS X 
can only be used on a Mac, but Linux is the OS that runs on any 
hardware. I would also like to offer buyers a dual-boot system, 
preinstalled on the PC they buy, either Mac OS X/Linux, Windows/Linux, 
or even two versions of Linux.

We really need to get PC sellers on our side, particularly the shops, so 
that people can try out Linux for themselves before buying a PC.

The video shows that anyone can use Linux, if they are given the 
opportunity and without being given any geeky terminology.

David King

Chris Rowson wrote:
> http://www.zdnet.com.au/insight/software/soa/Is-it-Windows-7-or-KDE-4-/0,139023769,339294810,00.htm
> Chris

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