[ubuntu-uk] Dual monitors through 2 graphics cards

Simon Wears munkyjunky at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 4 18:05:50 GMT 2009

Hidely-ho people!

Just swapped out my motherboard to support my new CPU, and this one has an
onboard intel graphics chip on it, so I'm looking at reconfiguring my dual
monitor setup. Currently, I have a 19" screen, and my 15" LCD tv as a second
monitor for watching films on, running off a nVidia Geforce 6600LE. I was
wondering if anyone could give me pointers as to how to set up my system so
that the tv is connected to the intel chip, and my main monitor is running
of the nVidia card? Google doesn't want to help me right now, but I'll
continue looking. Someone mentioned something in IRC a while back about
doing it, too.

I figure this kind of setup would let the nVidia have more oomph for when
I'm gaming and watching a film at the same time, as the intel chip would do
work for its monitor, and the nVidia for the games.

Simon Wears

MunkyJunky at Gmail.com | http://MunkyJunky.com
Manchester Metropolitan University Computing Student
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