[ubuntu-uk] OT : Need stuff

James Milligan lake54 at lake54.com
Tue Feb 3 15:34:36 GMT 2009

Whereabouts in the uk are you?

James Milligan

On 3 Feb 2009, at 15:04, Ciaran Mooney <general.mooney at googlemail.com>  

> Hey,
> My computer monitor just died. :( Booo. So I'm in the market for a new
> TFT screen. Just wanted to garner some opinions about good value
> monitors.
> Also I don't think my current graphics card can handle a larger
> screen, it can only just cope with basic desktop effects! So I'll
> likely be needing a new graphics card too. Now I know this means going
> with ATI or nVidia, both of which have either rubbish open drivers, or
> dodgy evil closed ones. I've used nVidia before, and they seem to be
> less painful. However I again have no idea about which graphics cards
> are good value.
> It'd be great if there were any commercial cards with open drivers
> that'd be great. Essentially I'm lazy, and open drivers tend to be
> less hassle.
> Any ideas?
> Ciarán
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