[ubuntu-uk] MBR

norman norman at littletank.org
Tue Feb 3 14:08:06 GMT 2009

> Grub can be configured to boot an OS from a separate hard drive.  I did 
> this when upgrading my hard drive, I put the old drive in on another 
> SATA port and the new drive on the first SATA port.  I then installed 
> Ubuntu and configured Grub to boot Ubuntu from the old drive.  Can't 
> remember exactly what I put in the menu.lst at the moment as my machine 
> isn't working (dead motherboard) but it is possible.

I have a machine with 2 SATA drives, Ubuntu on one and Windows on the
other, which will boot into Ubuntu unless Esc is pressed at the start of
booting. The additions to menu.lst must be recorded somewhere and I will
try to find them.


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