[ubuntu-uk] Buying a Acer Notebook.....

Robert Longstaff dreamfish at dreamfish.org.uk
Mon Feb 2 17:04:49 GMT 2009

> I wondered if that was a good deal, also I wondered how easy it would be 
> to install Ubuntu on it. As it doesnt have a dvd/cd player, would Ubuntu 
> work on it, and how would I install it?

I have an Aspire One 150 and I'm very satisfied with it. I immediately
wiped out Linpus and put generic Ubuntu Intrepid on it. After only
a small amount of tweaking (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne
is invaluable), nearly everything works perfectly.

The only bit that doesn't are the card slots for certain types of
HD card, though I consider that minor. Otherwise the screen, wifi
and webcam are all fine.

It's not brilliantly fast but not bad for a netbook. Admittedly, an
extra 512Mb would be good but I gather it's something of a nightmare
to install it - apparently you have to essentially dismantle the
entire machine to do so!

The default battery only gives about 2h time, so I've ordered a larger
one which should give up to 6h.

Finally, to install ubuntu, use the UNetbootin utlity
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNetbootin) to transfer the ISO onto a
pen drive and boot from USB. Worked fine for me.

Anything else, just ask!



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