[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu on PS3 (again)

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Dec 20 15:11:37 GMT 2009

On 20/12/2009 13:43, Russell Green wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> After installing Ubuntu by default you will get the kboot 
> bootloader.From here if you want to boot the game os, its just a mater 
> of typing "game" or a command similar to that, the kboot bootloader 
> screen documents it and that boots you into the PS3 and makes that 
> default until you change it in the PS3 operating system.Also just 
> hitting return or waiting will boot into ubuntu.
> From inside ubunutu using the terminal the command "sudo boot-game-os" 
> will set PS3 operating system to the default aswell.

Will it remember the setting at all, I mean, if I type "game" at the 
kboot prompt, will it remember this for subsequent reboots of the console?

Basically what I want is by default for the PS3 to start into the Game 
OS (XMB) and only run Linux if I specifically select it (as I dare say 
it'll get used more for games than Linux).


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