[ubuntu-uk] OT: Web Collabaration

Dr James Stevens-Turner james at btguk.org
Mon Dec 14 22:54:38 GMT 2009

The one that springs to mind for me, and which I use a lot is Joomla!

Lots of bolt ons available and so easy to use.


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Before I ask the question, my hand is firmly in the air admitting to the
fact that apart from some HTML coding, I have no web programming experience.
With that being said, I'm looking for a FOS project, Operating System
independant, that will allow a number of different organisations to
collaborate on a single system.  These organisations would be filling in
data against an individual, and the individual would need to be able to see
all the data relevant to them only, from each organisation.  The data being
represented would be one of three different types - membership including
personal information, current qualifications and when testing is next
required, and activity scheduling.  Individual's privacy and security is
paramount, so the system would need to be protected by a secure login -
OpenID would be a fine option I believe.

If there were modules that would allow, for instance, mailing of upcoming
activities and training sessions that would certainly be a boost, or even a
module to allow for printing of such items, or getting really carried away,

I have a feeling that Droople falls into this category, and certainly seems
to have a multitude of modules, but is rather scary for someone like me
starting out from scratch  Are there other alternatives that would offer
such a collabaration?

I have no objection to learning more about a particular project, but I don't
really want to spend a number of months on one project to find out that it's
limitations or direction don't actually match what I'm looking for.

So, to add to the wish list, something that does not require an in depth
knowledge of web technologies, but can be merely bolted together, some
configuration and form design done in a nice GUI environment and is happy to
reside on either a VPS or an actual physical box.  Lastly, the ability to
link instances of the project across different remote independant servers
would be nice.

I've used MS's SharePoint system at a previous job, and this appears to have
the basics I'm looking for, but it has it's own set of problems, apart from
the obvious one!



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