[ubuntu-uk] Finding space on EEEPC

Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Dec 14 22:13:16 GMT 2009

Hi all

I'm looking for some advice on how I might get some free space on 
my EEEPC.  Its the original model with a 4GB SSD and I also have a 
4GB SD card.  I put UNR (9.04) on it in May/June and haven't added 
to many extras.  I'm sure back then I had about 1GB free.

The problem is that I seem to have less and less free space as time 
goes by and almost every time I run update manager it tells me I 
have too little space left on the SSD. Currently the SSD is 95% full.

I have done the obvious things I can think of to free up space.  All my 
documents, etc are on the SD card, not in my home directory folders.  
I have removed all the unused kernels and their associated files from 
/boot and /usr/src (its a pity that Computer Janitor does't do that 

Any suggestions for further cleanup action would be welcome.


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