[ubuntu-uk] Encoding for YouTube

Anthony Burton apburton84 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 14 16:33:19 GMT 2009

Thomas Ibbotson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to encode a video to put on my YouTube site. It was
> recorded with a digital camera, and I tried to upload the raw file
> (335MB) to YouTube but it failed twice. So I decided to try and
> convert it. Firstly I tried Kdenlive, but the output file had about
> 1/2 a frame of video and 1 sec of audio and then cut out. Then I tried
> command line ffmpeg, but it complained about me not having audio
> codecs for mp3 or aac. I finally realised I needed to use libfaad as
> my audio codec, but that didn't work either, I used: "ffmpeg -i
> dscf0162.avi -vcodec mpeg4 -s 640x480 -acodec flac -f avi
> ceilidh_item.avi" and got this error: "[mpeg4 @ 0x1786350]timebase not
> supported by mpeg 4 standard
> Error while opening codec for output stream #0.0 - maybe incorrect
> parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height". So I tried to
> have a go in Avidemux, but that seg faulted. So having listened to
> Shotofjaq recently I installed PiTiVi and gave that a go. That got the
> best results so far in that I got a full video but the sound kept
> skipping and got out of sync with the video.
> I am incredibly frustrated, this shouldn't be that hard should it? Can
> anyone provide suggestions for what I might want to try next?
> Thanks,
> Tom
Hi Tom,

Try this: ffmpeg -i your_video.avi -f flv -s 640x480 -b 128 -acodec copy

increase -b if the quality is not upto standard.

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