[ubuntu-uk] Encoding for YouTube

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Mon Dec 14 15:04:34 GMT 2009


2009/12/14 Thomas Ibbotson <thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com>:
> I finally realised I needed
> to use libfaad as my audio codec, but that didn't work either, I used:
> "ffmpeg -i dscf0162.avi -vcodec mpeg4 -s 640x480 -acodec flac -f avi
> ceilidh_item.avi"

You sure you want flac as your audio codec when uploading to youtube!?

One option would be to use a frontend to ffmpeg to let it get the
parameters right for you. WinFF is a nice frontend.

If the video is a bit twitchy to re-encode on your local machine, I'd
have some minor doubts about whether the youtube farm can re-encode it
either. I have a few videos that online hosting sites have trouble
with as they have the odd corrupt frame.

> So I tried to have a go
> in Avidemux, but that seg faulted. So having listened to Shotofjaq recently
> I installed PiTiVi and gave that a go. That got the best results so far in
> that I got a full video but the sound kept skipping and got out of sync with
> the video.

Which options did you use for the render?

It might be worth dropping into #pitivi on freenode irc. They're very
friendly and helpful in there.

> I am incredibly frustrated, this shouldn't be that hard should it?

Codecs are hard unfortunately.


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