[ubuntu-uk] Events in and around London?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Dec 13 19:13:24 GMT 2009

Isabell Long wrote:
> Hi there,
> It just occured to me that I haven't heard of any events going on in or around London and I was just wondering whether there are any coming up or at least are some planned?  
> I am desperate to get more involved and meet more likeminded people in real life as I am passionate about Ubuntu and associated free software, so if you could let me know 
> that would be good, and maybe I could spur you on to do an event.  I am quite near to London.
> Thanks, and sorry this message is so short and, well, not really to the point.  :)

Hi Isabell
Not sure what, or where, might be of interest, but I have a foss
display table under the Infopoint brand at the regular monthly
computer fair in Bracknell.  M3 and M4 are easy for Bracknell and
there is easy free parking at the location. I run the table (almost)
single handed and apart from a few regulars who use gnu/linux and come
and chat, the activity is mostly very newbie centric. The display is
non trading, the objective is not to make money, but to help and
inform and occasionally, advocate. Partly a PR role. Definitely a
volunteer activity. I am there almost every event, however, it is best
to contact me before each events to check please.

In addition to foss for windows, I offer lots of leaflets and a heavy
ubuntu focus.

Please contact me off list if this appeals or you have questions?

(not as busy as this currently)

(infopoint site, outdated)
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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