[ubuntu-uk] apache and php

James Milligan lists at lake54.com
Sat Dec 12 14:15:54 GMT 2009

On 12/12/2009 14:14, Daniel Roels wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a quite strange problem.
> I installed apache2, mysql 5.1 and php5 all on a ubuntu 9.10.
> All went fine, and php files are parsed correctly... as long as it's
> name is not index.php.
> Renaming index.php to index2.php or even blabla.php makes the latter
> work as a charm.
> The problem is http://localhost/index.php which gives states it's a
> php file, and there is a question what to do with it.
> Same with http://localhost/ which gives a lightly different error
> about phtml and the same question dialog.
> I already searched everywere, including the config files but didn't
> find anything.
> Hope some of you could help me out.
> Regards,
> Daniel
What happens if you used a subdirectory, e.g. localhost/test/index.php?

Could also be to do with your HTACCESS file but I doubt it.


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