[ubuntu-uk] I cannot get the wireless to work on Netbook.......

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Sun Aug 23 10:29:49 BST 2009

Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
> John Matthews wrote:
>> Sorry, thought I had mentioned it, its an Acer Aspire One. There is a 
>> little button at the front of the netbook, have been holding onto that 
>> for ages, and still nothing. No list has appeared. I have the option 
>> connect automatically ticked in the wireless settings, and nothing. Its 
>> like the wireless has gone. It worked before the update, I updated using 
>> the wireless.
>> John
> FWIW I bought an Acer Aspire one last year and had HUGE problems getting
> it to connect to my wireless at ALL. In the end I took it back and
> swapped it for a Toshiba NB100 - which of course connected to the
> wireless first go!
> (I've always had Toshiba portables....)
I have to admit, it isnt that bad, at the beginning, when I bought it it 
had Linux Lite on, there, and we put Ubuntu on it, it did have a few 
problems then, and somebody helped put the Netbook version on, and that 
seemed to help, but for some reason, we are back to the normal version. 
That is something I am not sure how it happened. Normally I can connect 
almost immediately to any network, it finds it, I add the passwords it 
works. But it has done this twice now after an update. For the level of 
experience I have, its a nifty little netbook. If I was more experienced 
in Linux, I think I would pay more money for a better one.


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