[ubuntu-uk] No sound from Banshee?

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 20:28:00 BST 2009

On 16/08/09 19:21, Liam Wilson wrote:
<snip />
> I downloaded Songbird, and I admit, I do like it, but I really need CD
> ripping and Podcasts, too (For the Ubuntu UK podcast, obviously!), So
> when Songbird has those features, I'll definitely use that, but since
> they aren't implemented yet, I'm gonna stick with Banshee (Which I fixed
> with an 'apt-get purge banshee', an upgrade of ALSA, and a re-install of
> banshee, works fine now!)
> Cheers for the heads up anyway Alan;
> Liam

No Worries.

If you look at the roadmap for SB[1], CD ripping and podcasts are 
scheduled for 1.4 (project codename: Kanye) (I am too really keen on 
these two features, both for me and for my Wife who I have had to 
continue with iTunes in a VirtualBox VM for the time being).

For me that release will make it virtually feature complete. I will be 
testing their early code and helping where possible.

[1] http://wiki.songbirdnest.com/Roadmap


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