[ubuntu-uk] [OT] Open Source Project kafuffle...

James Milligan lake54 at lake54.com
Sun Aug 9 20:03:14 BST 2009

Just a quick update for y'all (I've also turned American!)

I've been in touch with the PL, and essentially he's saying that there 
is now no license, nor was there ever one (I still need to confirm this, 
but I'm not too fussed as you'll see in a second)

He is also defiant on one point - he is not going to restart the 
project. The only way he would let the project come back alive, is if 
someone pays him so that they can take over.

Not only is this annoying, it's a bit off if you ask me. He did, fairly, 
develop most of the software - so I see where he is coming from, but 
others have since added to it etc, they wouldn't be getting a share of 
the profits.

I have, however, offered him a small offer (£50)in the meantime to take 
it over - I won't believe it if he refuses, as he's not going to get any 
other offers, nor is it really worth that much. It's more for the 
benefit of the users that I'm paying.

I haven't heard back yet RE my offer, but I'll let you know what happens.


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