[ubuntu-uk] Nokia (Symbian S60) support on Ubuntu

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Aug 8 17:26:22 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> Alan Pope wrote:
>> I have an N82 which is also an S60 phone.
>> I have transferred files to and fro via bluetooth and USB. That part
>> works fine. I haven't tried any kind of syncing of contacts though, so
>> can't help there.
>> Cheers,
>> Al.
> Thanks for the advice Al.
> I must admit, I don't use Evolution at the moment and my current phone 
> is not that great, although I gather one of the main features of the 
> Nokia E63 is that it can handle things like syncing contacts.  Might 
> help me actually be a bit more organised :-)
> Rob
Well I managed to get the phone on Three for £15 a month with unlimited 
internet which seems good to me.  I'll report back later on when I've 
figured it out (not even unboxed it yet) and let everyone know if I can 
get it working or not.


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