[ubuntu-uk] What would Linus Pauling think about 'Linux Certified'?

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Thu Aug 6 07:22:50 BST 2009

Norman Silverstone wrote:
>>>> We are the borg. You will be assimilated.
>>> Now, now you are starting to show your age.
>> That's a bit unfair, TNG is on heavy rotation on Bravo, Virgin 1, et al
>> all the time :)
> My humble apologies, the wonders of 'cable' I presume and the shortage
> of good SF?

There is some good SF available?  I must live a sheltered life.  The SF 
I've been exposed to on the small screen seems to be "Cowboys and 
Indians" c1950 Hollywood.

Life is too short.

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