[ubuntu-uk] Choosing a new phone

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Wed Aug 5 11:23:42 BST 2009

Hey everyone,

I have been using a Nokia 3220 since around late 2004. Recently I've
been doing so over the free Blyk network but as that's now shutting
down (in 2 and 1/2 weeks) I'm in need of a new phone network. My
phone's battery dies very quickly (although I just ordered a
replacement one to maintain some use of the phone).

As I now need to get a new network I figured it would be great to have
internet access out and about. Of course this means getting a modern
phone as well but I've been planning on replacing my current phone for
a *long* time.

Also factor in that I'm a student who's never had a contract before so
the idea is very daunting to me. Especially because of almost no
income and mostly loans. I figure that I will have to take a contract
to get decent rates for texts/minutes and internet.

So next comes two epically difficult tasks:
1) Find a network with decent rates on texts, minutes and a reasonable
"unlimited" plan (500mb is not reasonable). At the same time don't
lock myself into an 18-24 month contract.
2) Select a phone that complements the above network. Offering me a
decent web browser, much customisability (geek factor), good calendar
system for my awful memory, decent media playback (ogg would be a plus
but I suppose I could always write a script to convert to MP3 when
copying files over), anything else that people think is essential(?)
Bluetooth compatibility with Ubuntu would be useful.

I think that what complements my needs best in terms of a phone might
be an Android one but I think they cost around £400 so wondering what
everyone else has/knows of.

I'm able to provide additional information as required. To anyone
who's read through this mountain of text and then taken the time to
reply, thank you :)


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