[ubuntu-uk] Banshee (& music players generally)

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 27 09:38:51 BST 2009

I have now tried Rhythmbox, Amarok, and Banshee, and Banshee does seem
to be the easiest to use --- you can compile a music library rather than
being pushed straight into playlists (as with Amarok), and you can
easily select to play albums, from the albums pane. But I would like to
know how to prevent it from seeking to find cover art online -- this
doesn't seem to have a disabling option in Preferences. I would also
like to know how to change the albums panel from icons to plain listing.
The intention of the designers seems to have been to acquire cover art
for every album you have, and to display it as mini-icons next to the
albums in the albums pane, but I don't want this feature at all.

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