[ubuntu-uk] Samba as Print Server - Cups

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 09:06:05 BST 2009

Cornelius Mostert wrote:
>> Can I just check, why exactly are you using Cups?  Is it for centralized
>> administration on one server?
>> Have you also checked under the Security properties on the printer on
>> Windows XP?
>> Although my other half's PC isn't on a domain (I can check one on a
>> domain later), if I check the properties of her printer it has the
>> following permissions on the printer:
>> Administrators (XPDESKTOP\Administrators) can Print, Manage Printers and
>> Manage Documents.
>> CREATOR OWNER (as far as I know the user creating the document) can
>> Manage Documents.
>> Everyone can Print
>> Power Users (XPDESKTOP\Power Users) can Print, Manage Printers.
>> I'm just thinking maybe on a domain you might need to add something like
>> DOMAIN\domain users to the machine and give them permissions to print,
>> that way they'll be able to at least print and manage their own documents.
>> I'll check at work later though and see how their printers are configured.
>> Rob
> _________________________________________________________________
> Yes I have seen this security tab and will play with it at some time,
> I think this might bring the brake through.
> Ummmm, when you say "Why do i Use Cups..." Not to sound dumb but what
> else should/could I use, If I remember correctly I tried to hit the
> printer directly but this did not work well also... and I thought CUPS
> is the best way to setup printers on a Linux Network, Please note this
> is not TCP/IP printers (I have 1 on the network but have NO problems
> with this printer)
> thanx
 The thing is, it sounds to me like you're trying to print from a 
Windows machine to
 a printer attached to a Windows machine right?

If that is the case then as far as Windows is concerned it is just 
talking to Windows.  Even when it's talking to Samba it thinks it's 
Windows.  Of course if you're trying to print from a Linux machine to a 
Windows machine or from a Windows Machine to a printer on a Linux 
machine then you probably would need CUPS installed on the Linux machine.

It does sound to me like a possible permissions problem.  Fortanately 
all the users on the domain should be a member of the DOMAIN\users group 
so you could give this group permissions to print to the individual 
printers (which is better than adding 6000 users, as you say that would 
be a nightmare!), at least then as any users are added or removed they 
would also be added or removed from the DOMAIN\users group.


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