[ubuntu-uk] BBC Gets Ready for BitTorrent Distribution

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Apr 10 18:06:24 BST 2009

Chris Bagley wrote:
> Ogg files? Bit-torrent distribution? CC licensing?
> Something strange is bubbling out of the beeb and I for one like it!
> Definitely will be something to keep an eye on. Cant say the media up
> there now is that inspiring but I guess the only way to show we want
> more is to download and give feedback.
> Then maybe there will be some production value!
> http://digg.com/d1oMbr

it is a  very interesting watch. I used the ogg version (what else?) 
and watched it all the way through. Refreshing difference from 
something like Click.
i will be a regular viewer. Or user, or whatever.

BTW I see a torrent at
RDTV S01E01 [FLV][BBC][h33t]

which seems to be live. I wonder.....
alan cocks
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