[ubuntu-uk] Viglen 'Review' (Was: Re: downloading slow torrents & energy consumption)

Steve Garton sheepeatingtaz at sheepeatingtaz.co.uk
Thu Apr 9 11:41:55 BST 2009

On 09/04/09 11:14, Jamie Bennett wrote:
 > Alan Pope wrote:
 >> 2009/4/9 alan c<aeclist at candt.waitrose.com>:
 >>> I have a machine  on 24/7 gently seeding various torrents and my
 >>> pragmatic solution is to choose the oldest slowest machine that can
 >>> cope, in my case a PII 350MHz. I have not done any measurements but
 >>> my guess is that such a machine will consume relatively low power,
 >>> obviously I turn the monitor off.
 >> You might be surprised if you check it. I have an old Dell optiplex
 >> desktop PC which currently functions as my firewall - running IPcop.
 >> I checked the power consumption and it's ~90W. I also have a viglen
 >> which I will use to replace the Dell, and that consumes 8W.
 > I also have a viglen running rtorrent[1], rsstorrent[2], e.t.c. Its 
on 24/7 and
 > consumes around 20W. The extra 10W-12W over the standard viglen is 
because I
 > also have a 1TB usb drive connected to it. Great machines if your 
worried about
 > power consumption.
 >> Cheers,
 >> Al.
 > Regards,
 > Jamie.
 > --
 > http://www.linuxuk.org
 > [1] http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/
 > [2] http://www.linuxuk.org/rsstorrent

Would a Viglen have enough grunt to run something like boxee 
(www.boxee.tv)? Boxee has rtorrent integrated, but it is mainly a media 
centre (a fork of xmbc I believe). I currently have it running on an old 
(~5 year old) PC in the living room (as a proof of concept to my wife), 
but would like to move to a cheap, small, quiet machine in future.

Steve Garton

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