[ubuntu-uk] Hardware failure?

slarty slarty at woodward.uk.net
Tue Sep 30 00:25:10 BST 2008

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Seif Attar wrote:
> Hello,
> I bought the system in october, so quite cheap from ebay, it's one of
> those home built machines, so think cheapest parts possible! :) 
> it's a core2quad with 2 gigs of ram, nvidia 8800gt. The symptoms have
> changed since it first started. before it used to freeze, no mouse
> moving, no keyboard, sysrq doesnt work, but display showing last app
> running on X, and nothing in the logs,then I noticed that if I have some
> apps open when the crash happens (e.g. mythtv) i do get something in the
> logs, see attached file with different data from different days, logs
> dont always get written to, these messages keep repeating in the logs.
> I don't know if any1 can make anything of those things. but the freezes
> are completely random! they happen while i am working on the machine, or
> if i come back after leaving it for a few hours, no matter what apps are
> running. seriously frustrating.
> I had checked the temperatures at some point, dont remember what it was,
> but after googling i found it's normal for a stock fan (somewhere in the
> 50s), no dust on the fans, all hardware well attached.
> getting a new video card tomorrow, as the fan on the one i have is quite
> noisy, and that throws one of the suspects away!
> any helps would be appreciated.
> thanks,
> Seif A.
Hi Seif,

Do you know if the HD is SATA or IDE?  I had a similar problem, random 
system totally non-responsive, reset the only way to get the system back 
up.  I
tried swapping out all my hardware with no solution until I install the 
system onto
an old IDE drive I had, the SATA drive was fine, in fact my system runs 
on it now
so I figured it might have been a chipset driver issue (or not?)  Either 
way changing
from a SATA drive to an IDE drive solved it for me.

Hope this helps,


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