[ubuntu-uk] Decisions. Decisions, Decisions

Bill Quinn bill.quinn at linuxit.com
Mon Sep 29 16:44:34 BST 2008

For LPI information in the UK please visit: lpi-uk.org. If you go to the
Certification Section, there is a section on the exam.

Hope this helps.

Bill Quinn
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On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 16:17 +0100, Michael Rimicans wrote:
> I once set up from scratch and maintained a small internet cafe type
> facility.
> I started from pretty much nil knowledge and figured it out in a week
> to get basic functioning using shorewall/squid. After this I setup
> print sharing, NIS, central user authentication, local mirror for
> updates,
> As for actual system experience I'm mainly self taught on the hardware
> and software side and reguarly provide support for friends and family
> mainly by ssh'ing into there computers and remotley admin'ing them. 
> I'm currently getting myself certified to A+ level.
> As for linux Ive been using Ubuntu for the last couple of years and
> have got to the point where Im pretty much up to speed on the system.
> Is there anywhere that provides just the LPI examination after a
> period of homestudy
Yes an exam centre that is setup for lpi will do that.  Just check out
their website for exam info.
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