[ubuntu-uk] Linux Expo Live

Dave Walker DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 29 10:15:15 BST 2008

Adam Bagnall wrote:
> Has anyone applied for a stand for us at the Linux expo yet? I have 
> noticed that Ubuntu-UK isn't listed as an exhibitor on the .org village 
> site and there's less than a month to go now. If we are planning to do 
> something I guess we ought to order the expo pack or whatever it's 
> called from Canonical as I would think it'll take a while to arrive.
> Adam
Hi Adam,

I have been chasing the organisers of the expo, quite regularly.  There
is a slight snag, the organisers of the event are insisting that any
community stand in the ".org" village that is based around a commercial
product, or commercialised of sorts has the company also in the main
floor.  I agree this policy absolutely stinks in our case, however I can
see their justification.  The same rule was applied to OpenSUSE, as
Novell are attending, OpenSUSE are allowed on the ".org" village.

Now for the kicker, Canonical haven't yet decided if they want to attend
on the main floor.  This is at least as recent as before the weekend, as
I last spoke with Canonical's marketing director on Friday.

I have attempted to get us a position regardless of Canonical's
attendance, however the organisers at this stage are refusing.  I think
they may review their rule as it gets closer.  I'm 'pretty' confident
we'll be there regardless, even if we end up paying to be on the main
floor ;)

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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