[ubuntu-uk] Skype video on Ubuntu 8.04

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 09:19:30 BST 2008


Thanks for the response

>> When I test the video in skype, Skype shuts down. If I leave it
>> enabled, as soon as the recipient of a call picks up. Skype
>> disconnects (but you do see the video stream briefly)
>>  Initially, this was a problem with a Logitech 5000, and I bought a
>> Logitech 9000 as a recommended replacement, because it worked out of
>> the box, but didn't.
>> Both cameras work fine with Ekiga, Cheese etc, and Skype video worked
>> fine (with the logitech 5000) on Ubuntu 7.
>> I am running the latest version of Skype and I have tried the three
>> different Medibuntu skype options.

> If you run skype from a terminal does it give any kind of error or
> output when it shuts down?

Running from terminal and testing the video gives this:

graham at Antec-Linux:~$ skype
Starting the process...
Skype Xv: Xv ports available: 0
Skype XShm: XShm support enabled
graham at Antec-Linux:~$


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