[ubuntu-uk] Skype video on Ubuntu 8.04

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 07:50:06 BST 2008

I have asked this on the ubuntu forums, but with no success and my
question and similar on the Skype-Linux forums are going unanswered,
but just in case, I will ask again here.

When I test the video in skype, Skype shuts down. If I leave it
enabled, as soon as the recipient of a call picks up. Skype
disconnects (but you do see the video stream briefly)

 Initially, this was a problem with a Logitech 5000, and I bought a
Logitech 9000 as a recommended replacement, because it worked out of
the box, but didn't.

Both cameras work fine with Ekiga, Cheese etc, and Skype video worked
fine (with the logitech 5000) on Ubuntu 7.

I am running the latest version of Skype and I have tried the three
different Medibuntu skype options.

Can anyone here suggest any solutions.

Many thanks,


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