[ubuntu-uk] GTK/Theme Settings(?) problems

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 19 17:36:56 BST 2008

Tim Dobson wrote:
> Mac wrote:
>> Tim Dobson wrote:
>>> ...This screen shot, shows my desktop. There seem to be some problems with 
>>> the theming, or GUI kit or something.
>> <snip>
>>> Anyway, if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, it would 
>>> be appreciated. :)
>>    Came across this very recently via FS Daily newsfeed:
>> http://www.cahilig.org/restore-broken-ubuntu-desktop
>> No idea whether it's OK or not - 'at your own risk' as always.  But it 
>> sounded vaguely relevant.
> Hmm..
> Considering I have quite a custom gnome desktop, i'm not sure this is 
> what i want - I think it is affecting the toolset, not the window manger 
> per se... :-/
> Of course, to test it - you don't need to delete it - just rename!

Tim / Jai >>> Yes, you're quite right to be cautious:  I only passed the 
URL on as it might have meant something to you, Tim;  but I had no idea 
what consequences the proposed fix might have (it did look a bit 
draconian to me!).  Of course, as you say, you could risk experimenting 
by renaming the folders.  Anyway, if you're trying to restore a very 
customised desktop, this proposal looks way to radical as a starting 
point.  Sorry can't help more.  :-(


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