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> 2008/9/16 Andy Loughran <andy at zrmt.com>:
>> Guys,
>> I could do with some help locating a MIDI writing 
>>package for Ubuntu.
>> I'd like to be able to write music on the computer, and 
>>for that to then
>> get played back to me by some midi engine.  I'd like to 
>>be able to write
>> multiple tracks and play them back ontop of each other.
>> Regards,
>> andylockran
> Have a look at http://ubuntustudio.org
> -- 
> Philip Stubbs

Hi Andy,

If you want something you can write notes on try noteedit, 
musescore or rosegarden. I had a similar dilema having to 
rearrange some music a little while ago. I used noteedit 
which seemed to work best for me. All the programmes seem 
to have funny quirks and idiosyncracies. My advice is to 
have a go on each and see how you get on.

To print sheet music from noteedit, I had to save it and 
print from rosegarden.

All the best,


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