[ubuntu-uk] DVD & Xvid playback with zoom/crop facility?

Colin Wylie badger at badgerdotcom.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 22:14:56 BST 2008

Andrew Oakley wrote:
> I'm looking for DVD & Xvid playback software with a zoom function, under 
> Ubuntu 8.04. At minimum, the ability to zoom in to a 16:9 video which 
> has been recorded as a 4:3 aspect ratio with black bars at the top & 
> bottom ("letterbox"). Ideally, the ability to zoom smoothly in small 
> increments to whatever level I wish.
> VLC has this ability (it calls it "crop") but unfortunately its DVD 
> playback ability is very poor - doesn't seem to be able to cope with 
> moving forward/backwards through the DVD nor navigating to chapters.
Haven't they just released a new version of VLC?


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