[ubuntu-uk] Using SAMBA to create users across multiple servers

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 10:34:12 BST 2008

Neil Greenwood wrote:
> Regarding your other question about LDAP guides, in one of the issues
> Chris Brown (the author of the articles) mentions the two references
> he uses for LDAP. I can't remember what they are, nor which issue -
> although I have a feeling it might be the first one.
> Vague I know, but it might help further!
> Hwyl,
> Neil
I did find a couple of Linux Format magazines with some articles in, I 
think I'm missing one issue, I know I have it, just got to dig it out.

Might be a good opportunity to put my Linux Format mags in order :-)


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